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Enhancing Urban Safety and Security — Global Report on Human Settlements 2007
Enhancing Urban Safety and Security addresses three major threats to the safety and security of cities: crime and violence; insecurity of tenure and forced evictions; and natural and human-made disasters. It analyses worldwide trends with respect to each of these threats, paying particular attention to their underlying causes and impacts, as well as to the good policies and best practices that have been adopted at the city, national and international levels in order to address these threats. The report adopts a human security perspective which is concerned with the safety and security of people rather than of states, and highlights issues that can be addressed through appropriate urban policy, planning, design and governance.

GRHS 2007
Key findings and messages
Case studies
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Volume 1: Reducing Urban Crime and Violence: Policy Directions (1140 KB)
Volume 2: Enhancing Security of Tenure: Policy Directions (1054 KB)
Volume 3:  Mitigating the Impacts of Disasters: Policy Directions (1524 KB)


Foreword, Introduction, etc.
(256 KB)

Part I. Understanding urban safety and security
(424 KB)

Chapter 1. Current Threats to Urban Safety and Security

Chapter 2. Vulnerability, Risk and Resilience: Towards a Conceptual Framework

Part II. Urban Crime and Violence
(696 KB)

Chapter 3. Urban Crime and Violence: Conditions and Trends

Chapter 4. Urban Crime and Violence: Policy Responses

Part III. Security of Tenure
(408 KB)

Chapter 5. Security of Tenure: Conditions and Trends

Chapter 6. Policy Responses to Tenure Insecurity

Part IV. Natural and Human-Made Disasters
(958 KB)

Chapter 7. Disaster Risk: Conditions, Trends and Impacts

Chapter 8. Policy Responses to Disaster Risk

Chapter 9. Small-Scale Hazards: The Case of Road Traffic Accidents

Part V. Towards Safer and More Secure Cities
(507 KB)

Chapter 10 Reducing Urban Crime and Violence

Chapter 11. Enhancing Tenure Security and Ending Forced Evictions

Chapter 12. Mitigating the Impacts of Disasters

Part VI. Summary of Case Studies
(242 KB)

Part VII. Statistical Annex
(538 KB)

References and Index
(223 KB)

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