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Planning Sustainable Cities — Global Report on Human Settlements 2009
Planning Sustainable Cities reviews recent urban planning practices and approaches, discusses constraints and conflicts existing, and identifies innovative approaches that are more responsive to current challenges of urbanization. It notes that traditional approaches to urban planning (particularly in developing countries) have largely failed to promote equitable, efficient and sustainable human settlements and to address twenty-first century challenges, including rapid urbanization, shrinking cities and ageing, climate change and related disasters, urban sprawl and unplanned peri-urbanization, as well as urbanization of poverty and informality. It concludes that new approaches to planning can only be meaningful, and have a greater chance of succeeding, if they effectively address all of these challenges, are participatory and inclusive, as well as linked to contextual socio-political processes.

GRHS 2009
Key Findings and messages
Background Studies
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Foreword, Introduction, etc. (386KB)

Part I. Challenges and Context (1364 KB)

Chapter 1. Urban challenges and the need to revisit urban planning

Chapter 2. Understanding the diversity of the urban context

Chapter 3. The emergence and spread of contemporary urban planning

Part II. Global Trends: The Urban Planning Process (1446 KB)

Chapter 4. The institutional and regulatory framework for planning

Chapter 5. Planning, participation and politics

Part III. Global Trends: The Content of Urban Planning (1414 KB)

Chapter 6. Bridging the green and brown agendas

Chapter 7. Planning and informality

Chapter 8. Planning, spatial structure of cities and provision of infrastructure

Part IV. Global Trends: Monitoring, Evaluation and Education (1217 KB)

Chapter 9. The monitoring and evaluation of urban plans

Chapter 10. Planning education

Part V. Future Policy Directions (1135 KB)

Chapter 11. Towards a new role for urban planning

Part VI. Statistical Annex (1282 KB)

References and Index (207 KB)

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