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An Urbanizing World — Global Report on Human Settlements 1996
An Urbanizing World is a comprehensive review of conditions and trends in human settlements around the world and of the urbanization process through which more than half of the world’s population will soon live in urban areas. It shows how the growth in urban population has slowed in most parts of the world, while the scale of urban poverty has been underestimated. The report describes both positive and negative sides of cities; including how cities have great potential to combine healthy and safe living conditions, cultural riches, and environmental advantages, as well as what is being done to address the problems of inadequate housing and environmental degradation. The main conclusion of the report is the importance of good urban governance.

GRHS 1996
Key findings and messages
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Foreword, Introduction, etc.
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Part I. Conditions and Trends
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Chapter 1. The Global Context

Chapter 2. Regional Perspectives on Population and Urbanization

Chapter 3. Social Conditions and Trends

Chapter 4. Environmental Conditions and Trends

Chapter 5. Institutional Trends and the Crisis of Governance

Part II. Inside Human Settlements
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Chapter 6. Housing

Chapter 7. Land, Land Markets and Settlement Planning

Chapter 8. Infrastructure and Services

Part III. Responses to Conditions and Trends
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Chapter 9. Settlements Planning and Management

Chapter 10. Housing and Basic Services

Chapter 11. Finance for Housing, Infrastructure and Services

Chapter 12. Environmental Protection and Resource Management

Chapter 13.
New Directions for Human Settlements: Addressing Sustainable Development Goals

Part IV. Statistical Annex
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Subject Index (224 KB)

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