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Global Report on Human Settlements 1986
This first Global Report on Human Settlements analyses world-wide and regional developments, trends, and prospects in the field of human settlements. The report reviews the concept of human settlements as it has evolved from the first Habitat conference (convened in 1976 in Vancouver), and analyses human settlements trends and prospects at both the global and regional levels. It selects and illustrates key policy issues in the areas of national development, resource mobilization, institutions, settlement planning and management, building materials and construction technologies, infrastructure, land and shelter. It illustrates the need for a transition from normative and regulatory practices to enabling strategies, and it presents the role of human settlements as both an objective and an instrument of development.

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Foreword, Introduction, etc.

Part I. Human Settlements: A Strategy for Development 

Chapter 1. People, Habitat, and Development

Chapter 2.
Changing Thinking on Human Settlements: Turning Challenge into Opportunity

Part II. Global Conditions, Trends, and Prospects 

Chapter 3. Population and Urbanization Trends

Chapter 4. The Developed Countries

Chapter 5. The Developing Countries

Part III. Key Policy Areas in Settlement Development 

Chapter 6. National Development

Chapter 7. Settlement Management

Chapter 8. Settlement Institutions

Chapter 9. Settlement Financing

Chapter 10. Land

Chapter 11. Infrastructure

Chapter 12. Building Materials and Construction Technologies

Chapter 13. Shelter

Part IV. Conclusion 

Chapter 14. Towards Enabling Settlements Strategies

Chapter 15. Policy Responses to Disaster Risk

Statistical Annex

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