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Messengers of Truth Programme reaching out to young people

UN-HABITAT works closely with some of the world’s leading popular artists and musicians. Great stars like MV Bill from the “City of God” favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, La Etnnia from Colombia, Nikke Posse from Greenland, Gidi Gidi Maji Maji from Kenya, Godessa from South Africa or La Mala Rodríguez perform around the world as UN-HABITAT Messengers of Truth. And every two years it has become something of a tradition to hold a rock or hip-hop “party of purpose” to raise awareness on matters ranging from women’s rights to urban slum conditions. Two of the greats, Messengers of Truth Rolf Stahlhofen, of Germany, and Lam Tunguaar, of South Sudan, recently told two very different and passionate stories to UNHABITAT staffers Hawa Diallo, Tom Osanjo and Eric Orina.

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Messengers of Truth Programme

Messengers of Truth Programme
29 Apr 09
The Messengers of Truth (MOT) Project was initiated and officially launched in September 2004, during the Second World Urban Forum held in Barcelona, Spain. The first global Hip-Hop Encounter, Summit and Concert launched the project and it also brought socially committed Hip-Hop artists, youth groups and representatives of the music industry, from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, together to raise awareness on the positive role and potential contribution that the Hip-Hop movement can provide for the world’s disenfranchised youth while at the same time providing a platform to be heard by political leaders.


Kenyan musician new Messenger of Truth
3 Apr 09
Kenyan songbird Sara Mitaru is the new UN-HABITAT Messenger of Truth.


UN-HABITAT Messengers of Truth Concert rock German city of Mannheim
11 Dec 07
The Kenyan Hip Hop superstar and UN-HABITAT Messenger of Truth Gidi Gidi last week teamed up with Rolf Stahlhofen of Germany, Samsaya representing Norway and India, and Lam of Sudan to give the German city of Mannheim a rousing concert.


UN-HABITAT Messenger of Truth bags major music award
17 Sept 07
UN-HABITAT Messenger of Truth Joseph Ogidi Oyoo was last week one of the musicians feted at an awards ceremony showcasing the best of East African music.


UN-HABITAT Messenger of Truth rocks Kenyan town
29 Jan 07
Hundreds of residents of Homa Bay on Lake Victoria in Western Kenya were treated to a hugely successful music concert on Saturday night by UN-HABITAT Messenger of Truth, Kenyan rap star Gidi Gidi.


Senegalese Hip Hop artist D J Awadi made UN-HABITAT “Messenger of Truth”
8 Jun 05
Didier Awadi, one of Francophone Africa's most prominent rap artists, and winner of the 2003 Radio France International ‘World Music Award', has been nominated as a UN-HABITAT “Messenger of Truth”.

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