Water for African Cities - Burkina Faso
Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Fuso suffers from severe shortage of safe drinking water, especially in the dry season. The bulk of the water consumed by the residents of the city is from surface water sources that are treated and supplied by the National Water and Sanitation Company (ONEA). ONEA extracts the water from a three hill dam system in Ouagadougou city known as Ouaga 1 2 and 3. Underground water is not only difficult to extract but subject to seasonal fluctuations of the water table.

The dams collect rainwater through open channels located round the city, where the poorest inhabitants live, particularly in the vicinity of the dam. With inadequate sanitation systems the inhabitants dispose of their waste water and garbage in the drains and open channels. Thus rain water collected ends up in reservoir behind the dam. It is usually polluted with the waste accumulated in the channels during the dry spells. Over the years, the hill dam reservoirs have been gradually filled with mud and sediment.


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