Urban Management Programme
The Urban Management Programme (UMP) established in 1986, represents a major effort by UN-HABITAT and UNDP, together with external support agencies, to strengthen the contribution that cities and towns in developing countries make towards economic growth, social development and the alleviation of poverty. Over the past 18 years, UMP has been able to promote innovative urban management practices, establish and strengthen municipal networks, and influence local and national urban policies and programmes. As a network of over 40 anchor and partner institutions covering 140 cities in 58 countries, it has been able to provide a platform for partners to engage in work related to emerging urban themes and processes.
View Details Promoting Biodiversity In and Around the Lake Victoria Basin

This Working Paper critically assesses the potential role of local authorities in promoting biodiversity conservation in the Lake Victoria Cities within the existing global framework of the Convention on Biological Diversity. It sets the broader context on the inextricable linkages between biodiversity conservation and the urban environment. Specifically, by critically evaluates the emerging ro...

View Details Localising the Millennium Development Goals - A guide for local authorities and partners
This publication is designed to inspire and guide local authorities, implement activities at the local level to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
View Details Managing the HIV/AIDS pandemic at the local level in Africa
View Details Localising the Millenium Development Goals
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