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Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM): Phase two
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Project description

The GLobal Land Tool Network aims at developing pro poor, gender sensitive large-scale land tools. This project focuses on developing (including implementing, pilot, testing and disseminating) of tools capable of recording a wide range of land rights, including private, public and customary/traditional, as well as both individual and group rights, and including both rights and claims. STDM will improve security of tenure, reduce evictions and lower planning and servicing costs.
Location: Global
- Shelter and Sustainable Human Settlements Development Division
- Shelter
- Land, Tenure & Property Administration
Partner: All developing countries, Huairou Commission, AGRA, SDI,ITC
- Land and Housing
Budget: USD1,200,000
Received/Pledged: (Received: USD600,000; Pledged (USD600,000)

Focus Area(s)

- FA3: Promote pro-poor land and housing


Development of the Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM) is seen as a key tool for poverty alleviation in support of the MDGs. However, the development of such a model is not an easy and straight forward task. STDM can be considered as a subset under the more general concept of the Land Administration Domain Model (LADM). The STDM conceptual and technical designs are completed. Pilot testing has started with the refinement of the tool (software). Phase two of the STDM development includes further testing on a range of land related issues (informal settlements, land resources management, post conflicts, customary tenure, land adjudication, etc.) as well as customizing and disseminate the tool. 


  • Further develop the continuum of land rights tool
  • Customise the software and develop other applications
  • Pilot testing the land tools in various contexts and countries
  • Build capacity in using the tool
  • Disseminate and update the tool

Target groups

Poor and vulnerable groups, land rights holders and users, Land administration professionals

If you may be interested in funding this project, please contact us: info.rmu@unhabitat.org
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