UN-Habitat’s income is mainly supported by voluntary contributions from governments and inter-governmental donors. Other partners, like local authorities, the private sector, and other United Nations bodies and multilateral organizations provide funding for specific programmes.

With very limited core resources from the UN system, UN-Habitat depends largely on donor contributions. In addition, a balance between earmarked and non-earmarked funding is needed to allow the organization to properly implement its mandate.

UN-Habitat’s main sources of funding are:

  • Regular Budget allocations approved by the United Nations General Assembly Member States.
  • General Purpose contributions towards the United Nations Habitat and Human Settlements Foundation (Foundation). These non-earmarked voluntary contributions from Governments are allocated according to priorities agreed by the UN-Habitat’s Governing Council.
  • Special Purpose contributions earmarked voluntary contributions from Governments, foundation and private sector for the implementation of specific activities included in the approved work programme.

In 2010, UN-Habitat received a total of over US$ 20 million for the General Purpose contributions and special purpose funding of over US$ 166 million. Of the Special Purpose funds received over US$ 37 million was for Foundation activities and over US$ 128 million for Technical Cooperation activities.

Donors NEWS

UN-HABITAT responds to criticism
Nairobi - 10/03/2011

The current economic climate calls for increased accountability, efficiency, effectiveness and transparency. In view of this, UN-HABITAT welcomes any constructive criticism.

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European Union, UN-HABITAT strengthen ties
Brussels - 7 Feb 11

Key high-level European officials joined the representatives of international institutions at the European Parliament in Brussels for wide ranging talks on urban matters and global urban development.

The increasing levels of donor contributions to UN-HABITAT shows strong support for its work and achievements.


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