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Special Session on the Role of Government in Housing Finance
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Start Date : 4 Nov 08  
End Date : 4 Nov 08
Location: Venue: MR 413: Nanjing, China
During the last three decades, the world has been vigourously promoting the free market value and market economies. Housing finance markets have been changing dramatically in both developing and developed countries to respond to this powerful wave of marketisation and privatisation. Many finance innovations have been generated to expand the market force. The sub-prime mortgage crisis and its spreading have shocked the world. The American response to the financial crisis has surprised the free world advocacy. This special session aims to unravel the myth of the current crisis and the role of government in housing finance systems.
 This special session discusses the current housing finance crisis and its impacts on the housing sector, affordable housing and the global economy. It examines the underlying factors and evolution of the sub-prime crisis and its spreading, and the major players in the crisis, particularly the role of government, government-sponsored enterprises and specialised housing finance institutions and innovative funding instruments. It will re-examine the effectiveness, efficiency and fairness of the current global financial governance system.  Will the American response to the crisis such as the bailout plan bring an end to the crisis or to the Dollar world? The special session will discuss lessons and options under the crisis and implications of extended government intervention in the housing finance market.
 Special Session on the Role of Government in Housing Finance English 4-Nov-08
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