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Afghan Cities Sign Up for Resilient Cities  
KABUL, Afghanistan, 16 Jun 13
Five Afghan cities have joined the Making Cities Resilient Campaign hosted by the Kabul Municipality and Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA), in coordination with UN-Habitat and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction UNISDR.
Australia aids Sri Lankan towns to be resilient to disasters  
Colombo, 2 May 13
The Government of Australia is providing USD 1,039,900 to improve planning and community resilience in four disaster prone cities
The world we want – UN-Habitat in Vietnam  
Hanoi, 22 Jan 13
UN-Habitat this month led a joint United Nations consultative group in Vietnam to understand better the aspirations, problems and opportunities of the urban poor in the cities of Hanoi and Danang.
UN-Habitat pledges better support as Haiti marks quake anniversary  
Port-au-Prince, 15 Jan 13
As Haiti marked the third anniversary of a devastating earthquake which claimed over 300,000 lives and left more than 1 million survivors homeless, UN-Habitat announced that it will broaden support to communities and institutions still trying to recover from the disaster.

"The earthquake in Haiti in January 2010 was an unprecedented urban crisis, highlighting chronic vulnerabilities in the city and setting back its development," said UN-Habitat Executive Director Joan Clos in a statement marking the anniversary.

UN-Habitat launches global wastewater debate  
NAIROBI, 14 Jan 13
UN-Habitat’s Executive Director Dr. Joan Clos on Monday announced the lanch of a new Global Consultation on Wastewater Management and Water Quality for the Post-2015 Development Agenda.
Shoring up against disaster  
Islamabad, 28 Nov 12
The Pakistan Planning Commission and UN-Habitat Pakistan this week held a conference on Creative Cities and National Urban Policy aimed at helping the country’s cities shore up better against natural disasters which have taken a heavy toll in Pakistan in recent years.
A new UN-Habitat City Resilience Profiling Programme  
Nairobi, 15 Nov 12
UN-Habitat announced on Thursday that it is seeking city partners to pilot a new integrated urban planning and management model to help cities build reslience against disasters such as the recent superstorm Sandy which crashed through coastlines from the Caribbean and north America's Atlantic seaboard, or tsunamis and earthquakes.
Shoring up cities against disaster  
Rio de Janeiro, 21 Jun 12
UN-Habitat on Wednesday launched a new programme on Wednesday calling on Heads of State and governments at the Rio +20 conference to provide a framework to help make cities around the world safer from disasters.
UN-Habitat joins hands with Myanmar  
Yangon, 20 Jun 12
UN-HABITAT and Myanmar have signed a new agreement on disaster risk management designed to help the country shore itself up better against disasters such as cyclones which have claimed tens of thousands of lives and displaced countless more people in recent years.
Driving the City Agenda in Rio  
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 19 Jun 12
UN-Habitat is holding a series of events to drive home to drive home the all important urban aspect of sustainable development at a time more than half the global population lives in towns and cities.
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