Provisional agenda
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Provisional agenda
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  1. Opening of the meeting.

  2. Election of officers.

  3. Credentials.

  4. Adoption of the agenda and organization of work.

  5. Activities of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, including coordination matters.

  6. Dialogue on the special theme for the twenty-fourth session of the Governing Council.

  7. Work programme of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme and budget of the United Nations Habitat and Human Settlements Foundation for the biennium 2014–2015.

  8. Provisional agenda and other arrangements for the twenty-fifth session of the Governing

  9. Other matters.

  10. Adoption of the report of the session.

  11. Closure of the session.
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 HSP/GC/24/1 Provisional agenda Français 13-Apr-13
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 HSP/GC/24/1 Provisional agenda русский 13-Apr-13
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