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Habitat Business Award
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Introduction to the Business Award for Better Cities to come

An initiative supported by the

An Award of Excellence Toward Sustainable Cities

We live at a time of unprecedented, rapid and irreversible urbanization. Today, more than half of humanity lives in urban areas and each day, some 200,000 people move to cities and towns worldwide. Making cities livable to all residents, rich and poor alike, represents a tremendous challenge that requires intelligent and practical solutions, new ways of thinking and levels of understanding of our urban lifestyles in order to sustain our limited global resources.

The Business Award for Better Cities will be delivered at the sixth session of the World Urban Forum to be held in Naples in September 2012. The Business Award will be awarded to private sector entities for outstanding practices that prove their commitment towards achieving sustainable urbanization, either as part of their core business goals, or as part of initiatives that address sustainable urbanization. In this case, private sector encompasses all for-profit entities.

It shall promote business practices, models and technologies that provide smart and viable solutions to the challenges of urbanization. In particular, the award shall recognize outstanding initiatives in the following areas:

  • Affordable and replicable housing
  • Sustainable water, sanitation and waste management
  • Efficient and lasting urban energy and transport
  • Innovative and transformative information and communication technologies
  • Proactive development of entrepreneurship to boost urban economic activities
  • Innovative and affordable financial services.

The Business Award for Better Cities recognizes that making better cities shall be best achieved through the principles promoted by the World Urban Campaign Partners:
"Accessible and pro-poor land, infrastructure, services, mobility and housing; Socially inclusive, gender sensitive, healthy and safe development; Environmentally sound and carbon-efficient built environment; Participatory planning and decision making processes; Vibrant and competitive local economies promoting decent work and livelihoods; Assurance of non-discrimination and equitable rights to the city; Empowering cities and communities to plan for and effectively manage adversity and change."

Selection criteria were defined in 2010 by an independent group of experts and Universities' representatives.

An Award for Global Recognition and Learning

The Business Award will be delivered at the sixth session of the World Urban Forum to be held in Naples in September 2012. The award will comprise a trophy and a commemorative certificate.

All winning applications - best, outstanding and good initiatives - will be published on the Business Award for Better Cities website and disseminated through various media. Written descriptions and videos will constitute a wealth of information for advanced learning on business practices worldwide to be used by the media, universities and experts on urban issues.

The Business Award for Better Cities will benefit from partnerships with a steady network of experienced organizations that will aim to ensure a trustworthy award process.

Keep informed on this page on the Business Award for Better Cities process.

For more information about the 2009 Habitat Business Award and its winners, click here

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