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Improving Housing Delivery Systems Ph 2: Hilla and Najaf and Basrah
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Project description

The proposed project attempts to assist the cities of Najaf and Hilla in implementing their housing strategies, with an emphasis on improving living conditions for the poor and vulnerable in slum settlements, and building on the lessons learnt from the activities of the ogoing project on "Improving the Housing Delivery System in Erbil". In addition, the project proposes to extend work to southern Iraq with the preparation of a housing strategy for the city of Basrah. In each Governorate, a number of recurring issues have been identified:
Location: Najaf, Hilla and Basrah cities.
- Regional Office for Arab States
Partner: Ministry of Construction and Housing, Najaf, Hilla and Basrah Municipalities,local Civil Society Organisations,private service providers
- Public participation
- Low-income housing
- Environmental Sustainability
- Housing finance
- Post conflict assessment and reconstruction
- Social Inclusion
- Best practices
Budget: USD 8,500,000

Focus Area(s)

- FA2: Promotion of participatory urban planning, management and governance
- FA3: Promote pro-poor land and housing
- FA4: Environmentally sound basic urban infrastructure and services
- FA5: Strengthened human settlements finance systems


The Iraqi housing sector suffers from major deficiencies including widespread housing shortages, particularly in urban areas where over 70 percent of the population lives.  Acute infrastructure problems alongside deteriorating housing conditions have created the slum-like conditions experienced by nearly 58% of urban residents.  Government of Iraq (GoI) with the support of UN-HABITAT has taken major steps to address these issues, particularly with the preparation of pro-poor Iraq National Housing Policy (to be endorsed by the Council of Ministers).  Mirroring national efforts, has been a parallel effort focusing on applying new policy directions at a local level with the development of pre-poor housing strategies for Erbil, Najaf and Hilla cities. UN-HABITAT is currently supporting municpal authorities in Erbil in implementing the Erbil Housing Strategy, and intends to extend this support to other cities.


  • To support local authorities in implementing pro-poor housing strategies through improving the governorates capacities;
  • To enhanced slum upgrading and energy efficient housing practices;
  • To disseminate decentralized housing strategy implementation experience;
  • To improve linkages between Municipal Authorities and Central Government in the implementation of pro-poor Housing Strategies.

Target Groups

  • Vulnerable urban households that currently suffer from idadequate housing.
  • Local authorities, institutions and directorates in the cities of Najaf, Hillah and Basrah
  • Ministry of Construction and Housing.
  • Iraq's Governorates.

If you may be interested in funding this project, please contact us: info.rmu@unhabitat.org
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