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Formulation of National Cities Without Slums Programme
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Project description

In the past decade, the Government of Mali has undertaken numerous efforts to improve urban development and housing conditions in the country. About 94 per cent of the urban population live in unplanned settlements and lack access to basic services such as clean water and sanitation. In implementing the national housing strategy, the government created housing finance and construction instruments and undertook reforms of the housing and lands sector to facilitate construction of houses (about 270000 units in a five-year period).
Location: Mali
- Regional Office for Arab States
Partner: Government of Mali, Ministry of Housing, Lands and Urban Planning, Ministry of Local Government, National Association of Municipalities of Mali, NGOs
- Slum / human settlements upgrading
Budget: USD 635,000

Focus Area(s)

- FA3: Promote pro-poor land and housing


 Access to adequate shelter and land remains a challenge in Mali. Informal settlements, which are lacking amenities, are mushrooming around the capital Bamako and the secondary cities.
  • The objectives of this project are to support the government and the National Association of Malian Municipalities to formulate a national policy on slum improvement.
  • Assess the results of the national housing strategy implemented by the government since 1992.
  • Develop on a participatory approach, national Cities without Slums programme.
  • Identify opportunities to mobilize public and private investment in slums improvement.
  • Build the capacities of national and local authorities to prevention and upgrading slums through training, sharing of lessons and best practices.
  • Document and disseminate the lessons and best practices learned in implementing the programme.

Target Group

  • The government of Mali and the National Association of Malian Municipalities.

If you may be interested in funding this project, please contact us: info.rmu@unhabitat.org
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