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Joint Ventures Italy-Senegal for Sustainable Urban Development
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Partner: Governments: Government of Italy and Senegal
Institutions: Institut Africain de Gesion Urbaine (IAGU), Dakar
International Organization: UN-HABITAT
Cost: US$100,000
The project document for this initiative forms the basis of preparing a final project proposal aimed at testing an innovative approach to development assistance and strategic partnerships between developed and developing countries by transforming savings from Senegalese migrants in Italy into viable small investments in housing projects in Senegal. In the long run, and in line with the national economic development agenda ("Economic and Social Programme 2000-2004"), and Senegal's Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP), the project intends to add value to the remittance process of transnational migrations, in order to contribute to the economic and social development of Senegal. More specifically, the project will test the following aspects:
  • Overseeing the organization and formation of joint savings and remittance units among Senegalese workers within Italy and subsequent investment in housing to better living conditions by promoting access to shelter and basic services.
  • Initiate, promote and finance, in line with the government's objective of increasing private sector activities, provision of affordable housing in selected urban areas in Senegal.
  • Promote continued mobility approach among migrants by creating investment and employment opportunities in housing projects and related activities. The development of this concept and subsequent achievement of the objectives will follow several consultative forums both in Italy and in Senegal.

  • Set up a national steering committee comprising relevant government ministries, local authorities , trade unions and keys national institutions to co-ordinate the preparation of the project both in Senegal and in Italy.
  • Conduct surveys and prepare ad hoc baseline studies in Italy to evaluate the number of Senegalese migrants interested in having access to the housing scheme and to the skill development programme; identify the best mechanisms to implement the programme in Senegal (i.e. negotiate land allocation and identify appropriate sites for housing projects, establish partnership with Senegal Housing Bank and social and private sector entrepreneurs).
  • Assess the training needs for developing joint ventures enterprises.
  • Conduct in Italy three sub-regional consultations with stakeholders and partners (municipalities, unions and the private sector) to facilitate collaboration and support for the project.
  • Conduct, in collaboration with both governments and the stakeholders, a national consultation in each country to review and validate the medium- and long-term objective of the project.
  • Prepare a report on the consultation and the findings of the key issues described above.
  • Prepare a project proposal to be submitted to both governments and agreed upon with UN-HABITAT.

  • Production of a situation analysis report highlighting urban poverty issues, such as housing needs, land and basic services delivery and related (un)employment activities.
  • Assessment of financial capacities (saving and remittances) of transnational migrants to invest in their country in different regions and towns and in different sectors.
  • Organization of two foras (one in Rome held in May 2004) to present the situation analysis and discuss the way forward and the second in Dakar to present an action plan and a project proposal between the Governments of Senegal and Italy and UN-HABITAT.
  • Promotion of joint venture activities (small enterprises) in the housing and related sectors, involving the private sector, migrant organizations and networks and the governments of both countries at the local and central levels.
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