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Port Louis , 28 Dec 11

Mauritius recently completed the first phase of urban sector profiling, in the capital city of Port Louis, Beau Bassin town and Black River district.  

During profiling, existing policies, trends, statistics, capacities and frameworks were assessed, and their application as well as impact evaluated. As a result, existing urban resources, challenges, slum upgrading needs and response initiatives were identified.


Participants following proceedings during the regional workshop in Black River district © Pynee Chellapermal

During profiling, citizens were engaged through group and individual interviews, as well as consultations. Interviews with the citizens of Port Louis, Beau Bassin and Black River were carried out with the aim of identifying major problems and projects that provide solutions. Interviews were also carried out in the squatting areas of Cité La Cure, Cité Barkly, Bambous and Le Morne. In order to attain a holistic picture, interviews also involved citizens residing in non-slum areas.

Consultation forums with various government stakeholders, private and civil society groups were carried out with the purpose of enriching and further informing the urban sector profiling exercise. Participants also had the opportunity to provide feedback. 

The urban sector profiling process culminated with a National Workshop presided over by the Minister of Housing and Lands Mr. Abu Twalib Kasenally. During the workshop, projects addressing slum challenges in Port Louis, Beau Bassin and Black River were presented and further discussed. In addition, the strengths and weaknesses of each project were analysed, in order to ensure that the most beneficial were selected for implementation.

Mauritius is one of the countries benefiting from the Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme (PSUP), which contributes to urban poverty reduction. The programme is being implemented through a tripartite partnership between the European Commission, which is providing funding, Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Secretariat, and UN-HABITAT.

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