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Regional and Metropolitan Planning Unit
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The Regional and Metropolitan Planning Unit is mandated within UN-Habitat to respond to the following areas of intervention:
  • National Urban Policies from diagnostics (feasibility), development and implementation to monitoring and tracking progress;
  • Regional, Metropolitan and City-region planning including development corridors and clusters, systems and connections of cities;
  • Urban and Territorial Planning, particularly the development of the International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning, as well as rolling out, implementation and monitoring; and
  • Spatial Planning Frameworks at city, metropolitan, regional and supra-national levels.
To deliver on its areas of intervention, the Unit works through the following approaches:
  1. Develop, manage and disseminate knowledge;
  2. Promote frameworks, policies and normative products;
  3. Support capacity development efforts;
  4. Develop tools and instruments;
  5. Strengthen partnerships and networking; and
  6. Provide advisory services to member states and Habitat Agenda partners.
The Unit works closely with other Units within the Urban Planning and Design Branch as well as other branches, regional offices and field projects of UN-Habitat and collaborates with other stakeholders who are contributing to advancing the Unit’s areas of intervention.
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