UN-HABITAT wants to hear your views about how best to achieve sustainable urban development.
  • What does a city mean to you? Executive Director, Joan Clos likes the quote that says "A city is a place where you find what you are not looking for!"
  • The Take a Minute survey asks what people think are the biggest problems in their city and how they would solve them.
  • The Urban Governance Index is targeted at local authorities. It gives them a tool to assess how the level of their cities' accountability, effectiveness, equitability and participation.
  • At the agency's 22nd Governing Council in March 2009, delegates were asked how they would invest in upgrading slums. See how they responded in the Upgrade a slum in five days survey!
  • In 2007, we carried out a Make our Cities Safer on safety in cities. See how our partners responded on what they see as the most important problems and how to solve them.
View Details Victimisation in Tanzania: Surveys of Crime in Arusha, Dar es Salaam and Mtwara
View Details State of the World’s Cities 2008/2009 - Harmonious Cities
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