UN-HABITAT appreciates that if sustainable world cities are to be achieved, then it must involve the professionals working in all human settlements related fields. According to our definition, such professionals are people from diverse backgrounds and include- but not restricted to- architects, surveyors, urban planners, geographers and lawyers. In other words they can be drawn from any other profession that can practically contribute to a sustainable urbanization.

Feature Stories

The Habitat Professionals Charter: from Rio de Janeiro to Naples
Nairobi - 26 Apr 11

A Meeting of the Habitat Professionals Forum (HPF) was held on 12 April in Nairobi, parallel to the 23rd session of the Governing Council. The HPF represents in excess of 6 million Human Settlements professionals who together, as urban planners, architects, surveyors, landscape architects and engineers, constitute a key partner in delivering the Habitat Agenda.


Human settlements professionals active at WUF5
Rio de Janeiro - 21 Jun 10

At the Fifth Session of the World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro in March, human settlement professionals made a mark by their active participation at the event.

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