Flagship Publications
UN-HABITAT produces three main flagship publications: The Global Report on Human Settlements, The State of the World’s Cities and Urban World.
UN-Habitat is mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to raise awareness on the state of the world's cities. The agency produces two global flagship publications, and a set of regional city reports. The reports, packed with the latest facts and figures and analysis by leading experts, are illustrated with many case studies and best practices. Each is published biennially and is essential reference material for cities, experts of all kinds and the public at large.

The Global Report on Human Settlements – An authoritative and up-to-date assessment of conditions and trends in the world's cities and other human settlements. Produced in English and French.

The State of the World's Cities – Carries the latest statistics and the thinking on cities. It carries real evidence of urban trends and conditions around the world. Produced in English, Arabic and Chinese.

Regional State of the Cities reports

The State of African Cities – An in-depth overview on urban development in a rapidly urbanising continent where forecasts tell us that the urban populations are expected to grow three times during the 2010-2050 period. Produced in English and French.

The State of Asian Cities – Published in English and other languages, as required, this report carries the latest data on city trends and developments in the world's most populous region.

The State of Latin American and Caribbean Cities – With 80 percent of its population living in cities in Latin America and the Caribbean, this is the most urbanised region in the world. Produced in English and Spanish.

The State of Arab Cities – In a part of the world shaken by huge political upheaval, this report is essential reading for all trying to keep abreast of the developments and their impacts on the region's cities and towns. Produced in English and Arabic.

The State of European Cities in Transition – In a region changing fast since the Soviet era and the Balkan wars, urban planning and management hold the keys to success and failure. The first issue is due in English and Russian in 2013.

The State of Chinese Cities – This report looks at the huge and growing urban developments in the world's most populous country. Produced in Chinese and English.

State of the World's Cities 2012/2013  
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The City is the Home of Prosperity. It is the place where human beings find satisfaction of basic needs and access to essential public goods. The city is also where ambitions, aspirations and other material and immaterial aspects of life are realized, providing contentment and happiness. It is a locus at which the prospects of prosperity and individual and collective well-being can be increased...

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Cities and Climate Change: Global Report on Human Settlements 2011  
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Cities and Climate Change reviews the linkages between urbanization and climate change, two of the greatest challenges currently facing humanity in the 21st Century, and whose effects are converging in dangerous ways. It illustrates the significant contribution of urban areas to climate change while at the same time highlighting the potentially devastating effects of climate change on urban pop...

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