Sustainable Cities and Localizing Agenda 21 Programmes
UN-HABITAT's Urban Environment Section helps cities get the most out of their vital role in social and economic development by promoting better environmental policies and programmes and improving urban environmental management.
Sustainable Cities Programme
The Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP) is a joint UN-HABITAT/UNEP facility established in the early 1990s to build capacities in urban environmental planning and management.
Localizing Agenda 21
The Localizing Agenda 21 Programme (LA21) aims to help local authorities in secondary towns to achieve more sustainable development by implementing an environmental...
The Sustainable Cities Programme in Zambia (1994-2007)  
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In Zambia the Sustainable Cities Programme was implemented in Lusaka from 1994-2001 to address high levels of poverty and inequality experienced in the city resulting from a shrinking economy as the country’s copper-dominated export sector started to dwindle and government’s capacity to adequately deliver public services was impaired. The city suffe...

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Decision makers in local government face the ongoing challenge of how to provide services to the residents with limited resources. Whether drilling a new well to provide drinking water, renewing a road surface, buying new buses or issuing driving licences, municipal services require resources.

Next to skilled human resources, municipal services also require financial and natural resourc...

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Sustainable Cities and Localizing Agenda 21 Programmes NEWS

UNEP and UN-HABITAT Launch Publications extending “Local Action for Biodiversity”
Nairobi - 29/05/2008

UN-HABITAT and UNEP, in collaboration with the Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) on Wednesday launched two publications with selected case studies from around the world on cities, ecosystems and biodiversity.

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