Water for Asian Cities

The Asia-Pacific region has been known for its economic vibrancy and heady growth. Yet, its long-term future is seriously threatened by a growing water crisis in large parts of Asia. Per capita fresh water in the Asian region is among the lowest in the world. Intense competition is emerging between cities for shared water resources. Health risks continue to rise as many cities recklessly discard untreated human and hazardous wastes into fresh water bodies. The world's cities not only face the challenge of supplying safe water and adequate sanitation facilities to its residents, but must also ensure that the available water is not wasted or contaminated. An integrated approach to urban water management is essential for the social, economic and environmental sustainability of cities.

Improved environmental sanitation for Pakistani communities
Islamabad, 2 Aug 11
A two year collaborative project by world beverage giant Coca Cola, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and UN-HABITAT is set to improve the lives of about 300 inhabitants of two coastal communities in Pakistan.
Nepal Launches National Sanitation Programme
Kathmandu, 18 Oct 10
UN-HABITAT will be the Executing Agency for a major new water and sanitation programme in Nepal where it is estimated that less than half the population has access to toilets.
Water operators at Waterlinks forum
Bangkok, 30 Sept 09
The Global Water Operators' Partnerships Alliance attended the 2009 WaterLinks Forum held in Bangkok.
ACTIVITIES IN Nanjing, China
Water for Asian Cities - Nanjing
Since its entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, China has made many significant reforms with at least 40 new laws and regulations to facilitate the flow of inward investment, private sector development and improved government efficiency. China has also made significant developments towards achieving the Millennium development goals. In the reform process, the government has a poverty reduction strategy (2001-2010) focused on the poorest of the poor.
Location: Nanjing, China
- Water, Sanitation and Infrastructure
Partner: City of Nanjing, Government of China – Ministry of Construction, Asian Development Bank
Donor: UN-HABITAT Water and Sanitation Trust Fund
- Water and Sanitation
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