Technical Advisory Board

The Technical Advisory Branch offers specialized technical expertise and operational support to requesting governments and other Habitat Agenda partners through the provision of advisory services on highly prioritized issues, and identification, development and launch of innovative and illustrative cooperation progrannnes. The Branch supports central and local governments and other Habitat Agenda partners in their implementation of the Habitat Agenda and Millennium Development Goals.

The Technical Advisory Branch:

  • Provides technical advisory services to central and local governments and other Habitat Agenda partners in the development and implementation of policies, strategies, programmes and projects focused on adequate housing for all and sustainable human settlements development.
  • Provides advisory services, technical support and project backstopping for major housing and human settlements development projects in post-disaster reconstruction, rehabilitation and capacity building programme;
  • Provides substantive support to the implementation of global campaigns and other programmes with a focus on poverty eradication and improvement of the access to basic services and the lives of slum dwellers;
  • Supports local authorities and their networks, private sector and NGO partners to build a good partnership in improving access to adequate housing and basic municipal services;
  • Supports policy dialogues and the exchange of knowledge among central and local govermnents and other Habitat Agenda partners through issue-focused consultations, technical conferences and specialized multi-partner coordination mechanisms;
  • Provides technical advice to UN-HABITAT’s regional and national offices to improve the linkage between the normative and operational activities at the regional and national levels;
  • Offers a technical advisory service for Habitat Programme Managers to support their operational activities at the national and local levels.
Regional and Metropolitan Planning
City Planning, Extension and Design
Climate Change Planning
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