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"Our people need proper housing, not ghettos," -- former South African President Nelson Mandela.
More than "one billion human beings still lack adequate shelter and are living in unacceptable conditions of poverty" (Habitat Agenda, paragraph 53). The vast majority of these live in developing countries and -- as a result of the urbanization of poverty -- an increasing number live in urban areas.
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UN-HABITAT holds International Meeting on Forced Evictions in Nairobi
Nairobi - 24/10/2011

More than 50 participants converged in Nairobi recently to exchange views, knowledge and ideas on the future role of UN-HABITAT with respect to preventing, monitoring and assessing the impact of forced evictions globally.

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Housing Policy NEWS

Praise from world-renowned expert on displacement for recent UN-HABITAT publication on eviction
Nairobi - 25/10/2011

"Losing Your Home" is an important and long overdue book, which I warmly welcome and recommend to the worldwide readership that it addresses and fully deserves. This book offers us a fresh and compelling look at one of the global and still unheralded enough crisis of our times: the increasing eviction and displacement of large numbers of people – no less than tens of millions every year – who are uprooted from their houses mostly without receiving the support they need for rebuilding their lives from society as a whole. Every reader stands to benefit from studying it. Click here to read the entire review from Michael M. Cernea, Brookings Institution NR Senior Fellow, and Research Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs at George Washington University

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