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Pupils learn flood risk management in Kampala
Kampala - 23/08/2012

Pupils at Outspan Primary School in Bwaise, a poor, flood-prone neighbourhood in Kampala, Uganda, are learning how to collect meteorological data – and, along the way, something about how climate change increasingly will affect their lives. Two times a day they measure the amount of rain that has fallen over the past several hours at their school grounds. They then jot down observations on the duration of the rainfall and its effect in terms of flooding of their school yard.

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  Total Population: 24m
  Urban population: 14%
  Slum to urban population: 93%
  Annual population growth rates:
  Urban: 5%
  Slum: 5%
(2001 estimates)
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Slum Indicators
% urban population with access to:
  Safe Water Source: 72%
  Improved sanitation: 16%
  Sufficient Living area: 80%
  Durable Housing: 73%
(2001 estimates)

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