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Slum dwellers learn how to “e-participate” in Mtwapa, Kenya
Mtwapa, Kenya - 29/01/2013

Community members of the Mtwapa informal settlements met on the 23rdJanuary to launch a pioneering e-participation tool for participatory slum upgrading. French

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From bureaucrats to bandwidth for smarter cities
London, 30 Nov 12
UN-Habitat this month gave a plenary presentation at the Social Media Strategies Summit in London to explain how new social media and communications systems can be used to help combat urban poverty and housing problems around the world.
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  Total Population: 31m
  Urban population: 34%
  Slum to urban population: 71%
  Annual population growth rates:
  Urban: 6%
  Slum: 6%
(2001 estimates)
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Slum Indicators
% urban population with access to:
  Safe Water Source: 87%
  Improved sanitation: 53%
  Sufficient Living area: 78%
  Durable Housing: 80%
(2001 estimates)

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